Life insurance tailored to your needs

Having life insurance in place is incredibly important. No one likes to think about death but what if the worst were to happen to you? Would your loved ones be able to manage financially? Life insurance is designed to pay out on death, but really, it’s to help those left behind carry on living.

It can help your loved ones pay off their mortgage and stay in your family home, take some time away from work to grieve, or help turn a life-long dream into a reality. At the end of last year a previous edition of our newsletter highlighted some of the additional benefits that can now be included with some life insurance policies.

These additional benefits can add real value to the policy and are designed to make leading a healthy life easier, even with a busy lifestyle. Many Life Insurance providers like LV=, L&G and AIG offer these services at no additional cost – they can include instant access to a GP through a smartphone app, support with mental health issues, fitness and nutrition plans and much more.

If you’ve got a busy lifestyle and need support in making healthier choices, these additional benefits could definitely be the right option for you. But what if you want a simplified approach to Life Insurance?

What if you want Life Insurance without all the bells and whistles? Enhanced cover and additional options aren’t for everyone and Aviva’s new ‘Simple Life Insurance’ is an alternative option for those who want peace of mind without all of the added extras.

With clear eligibility criteria, instant decisions and no need for medical evidence they’re able to provide a simpler way to give you the peace of mind you deserve!

With a range of different Life Insurance choices and a number of different added benefit packages to be considered, seeking professional advice can be invaluable. Your adviser will be able to find the cover that’s right for you and your personal circumstances, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your loved ones can cope financially in case the worst were to happen.

If you’d like to discuss the additional benefits of life insurance or want to talk about a simplified approach, contact your adviser today.

Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.

Published Apr 07, 2020